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Welcome To Fun With Snap Circuits!

February 25, 2011

Snap Circuits by Elenco is an educational toy that teaches folks about electronics with solderless snap-together electronic components. Each electronic component has the electronic schematic symbol and a label printed onto its plastic case that is color coded for easy identification. They snap together with what appear to be ordinary clothing snaps—hence the name Snap Circuits. The components also snap onto a 10 X 10 plastic base grid, which is analogous to a solderless breadboard.

There are several Snap Circuits kits that range from a few simple circuits to the largest kit that includes 750 electronic projects. All the kits include manuals printed in color with easy to follow diagrams to assemble the projects. The illustrations for each project look almost exactly like what the components will look on the base grid when finished. Because the electronic symbol is printed on each electronic component, once the project is completed,  it will look almost exactly like a printed electronic schematic!

Example of Snap Circuits project from Snap Circuits Micro kit. (Courtesy Elenco Electronics, Inc.)


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  2. Really good one.
    There are also a lot of people having such nice projects here:

  3. Sergey permalink

    Thanks for the posts and the blog.
    I’ve got both Rover Deluxe kit and SC-750. Now I’m thinking about getting something for programming, and came across two pretty much similar kits available in the market: SCM-400 (Micro) and Snap Circuits XP. Which of them you think would be sufficient to cover projects in both of these kits? Isn’t it the Micro one? What software did they include in CDs in those kits?

  4. Sergey,

    You can review the manuals for both XP and Micro sets here:

    Scroll down the list to find the following two manuals:

    Snap Circuits® SnapMicro I Deluxe SCM450 SCM450_revA.pdf

    Snap Circuits XP® SCXP50 SCXP-50.pdf

    After reviewing the manuals you can decide which set to purchase depending on the set you can you could learn programming more easily and which set you can afford (HINT: wait until after Christmas to get the best deals when stores and websites reduce their prices to get rid of inventory they didn’t sell for the Christmas season).

    Both sets include CDs with the picaxe programming editor. Or you can download the programming editor from the picaxe website: This is an excellent website to learn about the picaxe 08M and 08M2 as well as other picaxe microcontrollers.

    Also, you can order individual Snap Circuits parts from C&S sales:

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